My list of truths.
1. Because of high school I need to improve my bitch slap hand.
2. After a die a true friend will get a hold of my laptop and delete its history.
3. When I look back I wonder, why the hell did we ever learn cursive?
4. I absolutely hate those time in the middle of an argument when I realize I’m wrong.
5. You know all those times when we were younger and we had hours and hours of nap time. I regret not napping.
6. I am in dire need of a damn sarcasm font.
7. I’m trying to remember a day where i wasn’t tired.
8. I hate when you need something and you can’t find it anywhere, then when you don’t you see it everywhere.
9. I hate when you’re arguing with someone and then they throw you this brutal comment and your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to say. Two days later you finally think of something badass.
10. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they explained how the person died.
11. I hate how even when i put total mind force the cute guy that sits next to me in math doesn’t look over.
13. I hate when the songs i don’t like get stuck in my head.
14. I hate when i leave my house feeling good and looking pretty darn great and then not seeing anyone worth while the entire day. what a waste.
15. When i watch a movie i watched when i was younger i realized i had no idea what the heck was happening in the movie until now.
16. I don’t like looking like an idiot, so i only say “what” two times before just nodding and smiling even though i still didn’t hear or understand what they said.
17. You know that millisecond where you lean your chair a little too far back and you’re sure you’re going to die. there is no worse feeling.
18. I hate when i place something and then it ends up somewhere completely different and i have no memory of putting there.

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